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When you complete a weapon set you will receive a certain number of coupons.

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Before the However, as of The gallery is made out of different guns, and their description. The amount of gems awarded from buying a new gun depends on the grade of the weapon. For example, the highest amount of gems a player can get from buying a weapon is 15, which is when you get a mythical weapon.

Once the player gets 5 guns, they receive coupons, which can be exchanged for guns. Note that weapons unavailable for purchase will appear as a question mark e. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Our community needs more information on this page!

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    You'll need to make sure you can view hidden and system files in order to locate them. Hopefully this helps someone else.

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    I don't really get why Staples keeps pushing this setup "service". They had set mine up with an Admin user called "Owner" with no password, and the computer name was "Owner-PC". I imagine a lot of people would struggle to find out how to change these to something meaningful to them and to add a password after Staples made these choices for them.

    The actual setup scripts and wizards are very straightforward; I can't see anyone who can read over a grade 5 level having a problem with the questions you need to answer. Anyway, it's the last time I'll accept anything from Staples that isn't factory sealed.


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    If they want, they should sell the sealed computers and offer setup as a customized service to the customers who actually don't want to spend the half-hour it takes to set up the computer. I am going to buy one from him. All my other HP's had an easy to find program that basicly popped up when i booted and set up the very first time.